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Welcome to Dragon-Leaf

China is recorded to have the earliest records of tea drinking and tea remains the world's oldest, most revered beverage. Tea drinking today is honored in many cultures and provides a single thread of commonality that unites us all. Apart from water, no other single beverage is universally recognized by all cultures and walks of life. From the lush mountain of Tian Hu Shan to your dining room, Dragon-Leaf Organic Tea brings thousands of years of tradition to a single cup of tea.

With its steep mountains and flourishing forest, Tian Hu Shan, is the home of Dragon-Leaf Organic Tea. Located in the famous tea growing Fujian Province, China, Dragon Leaf Organic Tea grows at a high altitude allowing the plants to grow more slowly and acquire a better flavor. Lush in history, China's specialty tea growers bring thousands of years of refinement to the craft.

Just like tea brings people together, Dragon-Leaf Organic Tea was created to unite all types of tea drinkers. Loose leaf tea allows the tea leaves to expand letting the tea's characteristic flavors and aromas fill your cup; yet even avid tea lovers crave convenience. Forging a common ground, Dragon-Leaf Organic Tea utilizes individual vacuum sealed bags ensuring the tea is at its freshest right before opening. With enough tea for several pots, each serving evokes the tradition of tea ceremonies shared with family or friends; or simply to sip in a lingering afternoon tea.

Drawing upon the Chinese dragon symbol representing wisdom, good luck, and protection; Dragon leaf teas and are mindful of preserving the earth by being certified organic as well as providing health- protective potent antioxidants. Dragon-Leaf Organic Teas are available in 4 whole leaf varieties: Black, Red, Green, and White.

Pour a cup of Dragon-Leaf Organic Tea and take in the history, time honored tradition, and rich flavor knowing that although tea may not bring about world peace, it can bring peace of mind.

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