Tian Hu Shan – The Origin

Tea Garden

The steep mountains and flourishing forest of Tian Hu Shan is the home of Dragon-Leaf Organic Whole Leaf Teas. This region has been growing teas for centuries and still continues this historic tradition to this day.

Tian Hu Shan’s ecological tea garden occupies over 1,500 acres of land. It is located in the tea town of Yangzhong (Xixiang). The climate is mild with an average temperature of approximately 59°F; with an annual rainfall of approximately 75 inches.

The tea plants are mostly grown among rocks or on the hillsides. Their growing environment, which is composed of rich and wet soil, mainly arenaceous (sandy) soil with loose structure, is an essential condition for tea growing.

Tian hu shan tea is rich in aroma and pure in taste.

Dragon-Leaf Organic Whole Leaf Teas are first flush teas (harvested during the month of May).




Steam Line

Tea Character
Black Tea
Red Tea
Green Tea
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